Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last chance to save the Dead Sea

Cross posted in The Road That Never Ends

In a few days, the government will vote on a bill that could save the Dead Sea. But the Finance Ministry and polluting companies are pressuring the ministers to block it. To win, we need just one minister to switch sides.

I've just signed a petition to the ministers calling on them to stand up to public pressure and approve the bill. This is our last chance to save the Dead Sea - join me by clicking here:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

find a green job (or at least internship)

Ready to get serious about your "green" commitment? You don't have to have special "green" skills like installing solar paneling- A green job could simply mean being a lawyer for an environmental organization or getting into green building finance. (I know someone who says that's what he does.) Heck, doing any job for a company that has taken steps to be more sustainable could be called a "green" job.

If you're in college or a recent grad, opportunities abound for you to gain experience no matter what your major. I write and sell ads for the local Spanish/English green living magazine, Eco-Logica; I got this job mostly because I've been writing blogs about the subjects it covers. If you're still in college, get involved with the campus environmental club, or start one if it doesn't exist. Look out for green internships. A lot of those with nonprofits will be unpaid but it's more valuable experience that could help you land your dream "green" job down the line. I intern for the Jewish environmental organization Canfei Nesharim.

Try the green job bank, or google "green job."

PS to inquire about placing an ad in Eco-Logica Magazine, please email me at I'll email you the media kit and answer any questions you may have.